Cardboard printed matter, containers and packaging

Paper fibre is a versatile material that is used in single-use paper sheets as inserts, flyers and other printed matter. Like packaging, it is also manufactured into kraft paper bags and packaging products, solid and corrugated cardboard boxes and even multi-layer containers when placed between plastic or aluminium sheets.


Newspapers, flyers, magazines, single-use paper and other types of paper recovered through curbside recycling may be processed into new newspaper or even egg containers, envelopes, paper towels or tissue paper.

Cardboard paper packaging

From paper packaging to solid and corrugated cardboard and kraft paper bags and packaging, the fibre collected through curbside recycling easily finds a second life. Separated into bales, it is processed into new cardboard products such as corrugated boxes, kraft paper packaging and construction materials.

Multilayer containers

The multilayer containers category includes two major types of containers: gable-top containers for refrigerated products such as milk and juice and aseptic containers for non-refrigerated products such as broths and soups. The containers are made up of layers of cardboard, polyethylene and aluminium in the case of aseptic containers. Once recovered through curbside recycling, the containers may be transformed into ceiling tiles and wall panels. Separating the plastic and aluminium fibres also makes it possible to produce new paper products.