Plastic in all its forms

There are several types of plastic resins, each with their own properties and uses. Plastic containers and packaging collected through curbside recycling may be sorted, cleaned and transformed into a range of products.

PET containers and packaging

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a plastic resin with major potential. Mainly used in food containers and water and beverage bottles, PET may be processed into new bottles or PET sheets used to manufacture containers. It may also find a second life as carpeting, fleece or padding for clothing, cushions, mattresses and other products.

HDPE containers and packaging

In our cupboards, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is found in more than just shampoo and detergent bottles, milk containers and buckets. Once recovered, these items may be transformed into new detergent containers. Because it resists impacts and high temperatures, HDPE is often used to manufacture drainage pipes and urban furniture such as park benches, picnic tables and recycling bins.

Polystyrene containers and packaging

With technological innovation, the future of polystyrene recycling seems bright. Recycled polystyrene is a component in the insulating panels used in construction (polystyrene provides excellent thermal insulation), urban furniture, decorative frames and architectural mouldings.

Polypropylene containers and packaging

There is polypropylene in the margarine and yogurt containers in our refrigerators, as well as in hardware product containers. A hard and abrasion-resistant resin, recycled polypropylene is also used to manufacture car parts and paint cans.

Plastic bags and film

If they are all placed in one bag in the recycling bin, bread and shopping bags and plastic film may be easily recycled into many items, including new trash bags and household items.