Aldo case study – Simplified, high-performance packaging


More eco-responsible online purchasing

The initiative

The Aldo Group used to ship items purchased online in oxo-biodegradable LDPE envelopes, which is only degradable under very specific conditions and not recyclable. The interior of the envelope had a bubble wrap lining that was very difficult to separate from the bag, making its recycling and degradation difficult. The company therefore went back to the drawing board to find delivery packaging that has a lower environmental impact.

The winning solution

Tests were conducted to simplify the packaging while ensuring that it continued to protect the product. In the end, Aldo eliminated the layer of bubble wrap and changed the type of plastic used for the remainder of the envelope. The resulting delivery packaging is 100% recyclable and contains 40% recycled HDPE plastic.

Sector : Clothing and footwear
Marketing : 2015

Benefits of the optimization initiative:

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions


Increased packaging recovery rate


Decreased packaging/product ratio


Reduced quantity of materials used


Eco-responsible packaging is increasingly available on the market... and demanded by consumers.

One Quebecer out of two say they have a real interest in eco-responsible packaging that ensures product safety, protection and conservation, minimizes transportation impacts, resists breakage, optimizes warehousing and delivers a better consumer experience.