Companies who improved their packaging

Cascades case study - cardboard inspiration

Cool packaging

The initiative

Goodfood delivers kits to make mealtimes a little easier. Each Goodfood box contains a recipe and the necessary ingredients (some fresh). Because the delivery service is not refrigerated, the company had to develop a box that keeps the food at 4 degrees for 48 hours and is easily recyclable, in keeping with Goodfood’s position as an ecoresponsible business. To take up the challenge, Goodfood turned to Cascades.

The winning solution

The solution was quite simple: use only one easily recyclable, insulating material. Cascades had the perfect option: the cardboard Northbox. Developed in response to that very need, the Northbox is made of corrugated cardboard and a honeycomb cardboard insulator and contains reusable refrigerants, making it much easier to recycle than its predecessor, which was made of polyurethane, cardboard and cold packs.

Sector : Food products
Marketing : 2016

Eco-responsible packaging is increasingly available on the market... and demanded by consumers.

One Quebecer out of two say they have a real interest in eco-responsible packaging that ensures product safety, protection and conservation, minimizes transportation impacts, resists breakage, optimizes warehousing and delivers a better consumer experience.