Naya case study – How to package more water in the same quantity of plastic


The small tale of a big water bottle

The initiative

In 2010 and after 7 years of research and development, Naya was the first company in the world to market its product in water bottles made with 100% recycled plastic (rPET). In 2012, Naya went so far as to further blow the plastic for its 500 ml bottle to accommodate an extra 100 ml of water.

The winning solution

Naya uses the same quantity of plastic for its new bottle as before, but it is now larger and therefore contains more water. For the same price, consumers and the environment are equal winners in this equation. Naya highlighted the format change and its advantages directly on the label applied to the bottle.

Sector : Food products
Marketing : 2013

Benefits of the optimization initiative:

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions


Decreased packaging/product ratio


Eco-responsible packaging is increasingly available on the market... and demanded by consumers.

One Quebecer out of two say they have a real interest in eco-responsible packaging that ensures product safety, protection and conservation, minimizes transportation impacts, resists breakage, optimizes warehousing and delivers a better consumer experience.