Companies who improved their packaging

Fairfield tall planter case study – Eliminating packaging


Avoiding overpackaging

The initiative

While packaging usually serves a good purpose, sometimes it only makes the product more attractive to consumers. The eco-responsible choice is to eliminate such overpackaging, and that’s what Costco did with Fairfield brand tall planters.

The winning solution

The planters used to be packaged in colourfully branded cardboard boxes, which were then packed in generic boxes for delivery from the plant to the store. The company decided to reduce packaging as much as possible by eliminating the colourful box. Delivery boxes were replaced with cardboard supports that hold together several planters at once.

Sector : Other
Marketing : 2013

Benefits of the optimization initiative:

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions


Reduced quantity of materials used


Decreased packaging/product ratio


Reducing the number of container used to transport 100,000 products


Eco-responsible packaging is increasingly available on the market... and demanded by consumers.

One Quebecer out of two say they have a real interest in eco-responsible packaging that ensures product safety, protection and conservation, minimizes transportation impacts, resists breakage, optimizes warehousing and delivers a better consumer experience.