Transforming curbside recycling is our business!

With extended producer responsibility, companies who already contribute to curbside recycling will be given the mandate to oversee the system in partnership with municipalities, in order to target recycling 100% of collection bin materials as locally as possible.

Five success factors for a transformed and efficient curbside recycling system

In order to pull Québec out of the recycling crisis and ensure that the system is efficient and effective, for the last 5 years, ÉEQ has been developing concrete solutions based on transparency and accountability mechanisms:

  1. A new legal and regulatory framework that entrusts companies who market containers, packaging and printed matter with the management of the system.
  2. Make using eco-designed, recycled and recyclable materials the norm.
  3. Certify the quality and traceability of materials.
  4. Ensure that packaged products are recovered and recycled.
  5. Foster the development of local markets.

Next steps 

1   System diagnostics in collaboration with all participants.

2   Entry into force of the new legislative and regulatory framework

3   Implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)


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